The Smooth Brothers
Loyalty Program


With The Smooth Brothers loyalty card you can save up quickly for free smoothies, juices, bowls, sandwiches and other great stuff.


Collect Points for every € spent…

For every€4you spend at The Smooth Brothers you get 1 point.

For every€5you spend at The Smooth Brothers you get 2 points.

For every€6.50you spend at The Smooth Brothers you get 3 points.


..and redeem them in our Store.

  • When you reach 10 points you get a large smoothie or juice on the house.
  • When you reach 20 points you get a tote bag, or a large legend smoothie, bowl or sandwich on the house.
  • 30 points will get you 500 gr The Smooth Brothers espresso beans.

From there on the SKY IS THE LIMIT!

  • You can save up to 500 points and take home one of the large (pre-selected) canvases (2x1m) from the store.
  • When you reach 1 000 000 points then we will have a huge surprise for you 😉

How it Works


Once you have obtained your card at The Smooth Brothers you can already start saving up points. When you eventually want to redeem your points the card needs to be activated. You can do that below.

On the back of your card you can find two numbers, namely a pass number and a control number. You can fill these in the boxes below. Once you have done that you will be redirected to a form where you can fill in some basic information about yourself so the card becomes yours personally.
Besides, if you leave behind your email address then you will automatically receive an email from us with the login information for The Smooth Brothers Loyalty app for IOS and Android. With The App for your phone you won’t be needing the card and you can save up points on your phone.

After filling and completing the form the card is activated and you can redeem your points.

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