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‘The Smooth Brothers is born out of a dream about how the world could and should be. We are on fire to create something of relevance, resonance and performance. A business that delivers real value of multiple kind to everyone it touches. We love Jazz and we look at the world from that perspective.’

What good music does to our mind and soul, good food does to our body. At The Smooth Brothers we continuously are working on combining these two; add to that a pleasant environment and the outcome should be a moment of pure joy. Our purpose is therefore to provide anyone who is seeking a short escape from the daily hectic reality, that moment of pure joy.

As Miles Davis noted a long time ago:

“To play a wrong note is excusable, but to play without passion is unforgivable.”

Whatever we do at The Smooth Brothers we base it on that Jazz-principle. The team takes center stage in everything we do. They are the band of performers that have to impress our audience on a daily basis. That is only possible if the entire band plays the same song with the same purpose, passion and self-discipline. Therefore we only admit new members to our band who happen to be enthusiastic to their very core. During a jam session the most important task of the musicians is to elevate each other to great heights while improvising.

In Jazz, a group of players (performers) comes together, acting independently of each other and require little explicit guidance. Yet these individual personalities with different qualities manage to synchronise together to perform a coherent piece of music. The band members have learned to listen and adapt to each other to achieve unity.

One of the most important principles within this unisome is creating space for decentralized innovation. This means that there is minimal hierarchy and minimal structure so that a certain base is created that promotes creativity and innovation. 

Jazz improvisations do not take place under strict conditions with a leading conductor – instead there is room for each performer to experiment, adapt and create. 

Furthermore, there is a minimum number of frames within Jazz, so that Jazz musicians are not hindered when playing. Within these frames the artists play whatever they want. 

Leadership within Jazz is divided among all performers. Jazz bands build on what they call a “shared leadership”, where each player takes turns in getting a solo moment and thereby a spot in the spotlight. 

To prevent total chaos, many Jazz bands have a band leader, who is usually the most respected player in the group. This leader does not guide other players with his iron fist, but acts more like an invisible guide who leads the other players and helps them to reach their full potential by loosely coordinating the musical piece. 

Making mistakes has a different meaning in Jazz than in other genres. This is because within Jazz, it is these mistakes that gives room for improvisation. Thelonious Monk, who was known for his creative improvisation, was always looking for “the right mistakes” in his music to express in particular the beauty of uncertainty. A correct error is not one that arises from slackness. 

Within Jazz, players must constantly communicate with each other while playing. Here- by they are accompanied by the rhythm and melody of the music, so that they can predict what other members of the band will do to adapt their “performance” as a whole. Duke Ellington once said this: “The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he is a good listener ”.

At The Smooth Brothers we also work with this philosophy. Just like with Jazz, we enjoy the organized chaos. Together with our team we form this band of performers. We do not have a hierarchical structure, but everyone is at the same level as every- one else within The Smooth Brothers. Everyone is a supplement to the whole and together we take our service to a higher level. This is done through continuous feedback, among other things. We give each other room for improvisation so that everyone can take their moment to impress the guest

Band Members


Like in Jazz, co-creation is a fundamental value in everything we do at The Smooth Brothers. We believe that The Smooth Brothers is not run by egos, but by great ideas. These ideas can originate from anywhere; our guests, our team and/or any other partner. Therefore we have created several events with the purpose of bringing our community together so great things can happen.

Food Of The Icons is one of those events that’s all about co-creating with our guests. Two of the (unique) sandwiches on our menu were created by our guests. We asked our followers to send in their recipes for a sandwich. As a result, we selected four contestants to prepare and present their creations live at The Smooth Brothers. These creations were then judged by a four headed jury. The highest scoring sandwich is then crowned Food of the Icons champion and gets a spot on our menu.

2017 Edition

The first edition of Food Of The Icons gave us “The Red Marilyn”! This unique  vegetarian sandwich doesn’t only have a WOW-effect on your taste buds, but also story that touches your heart. Monique’s late mother used to make this sandwich for her as lunch. We are honored to add this beautiful sandwich to our menu and immortalize this special recipe!

2018 Edition

Winners of the second edition of Food Of The Icons, Alinde & Hanna, created The Peary Como sandwich, which takes you on a journey through the different dimensions of flavors. The story behind this sandwich has everything to do with the creativity of a group students in their student residence and their nearly empty refrigerator.


Official Opening

In May 2017 we had our Grand Opening. We celebrated the birth of The Smooth Brothers with our neighbors, friends, guests and family and it turned out to be an unforgettable evening. Watch the recap of this evening in the video below.


1 Year Anniversary

We came, we saw and we celebrated our first year anniversary in May 2018. Thanks to our guests and fans we had a smashing first year! And to show our gratitude, we celebrated BIG! On Friday May 11th we threw three MAYHEM HOURS with our guest’s favorite smoothies for just €2,-, live acts and performances. Watch the recap of this fantastic day in this video made by our dear friend and videographer Giovanni Wattimena!




We had the pleasure of collaborating with our friends from POPPUNT OVERIJSSEL and host an amazing showcase during Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019, where rising stars from the Province of Overijssel showcased their talent for music professionals and our guests. Lovers & Lions, Pjotr, Ruud Fieten, Nonchelange, Bastian Benjamin, Elemenopee, Jan Terlouw Jr AND the Ginger shots absolutely killed it. Watch the recap video made again by our dear friend Giovanni Wattimena.

2 Year Anniversary

On Friday May 10th 2019 we wanted to express our gratitude and love for your support and love once more by giving away all the favorite smoothies for just €2,- in a 4 HOUR MAYHEM MARATHON. We had to call in some help during the MAYHEM MARATHON and brought out the big guns; none other than our brother from another mother; KRAANTJE PAPPIE and his family & friends came out to help us! Watch the after-movie to get a glimpse of the MAYHEM during this day, once again made by Giovanni Wattimena.


Curious for more?

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